Parent Sharing: Parent Gas Station


Parent Sharing: Parent Gas Station
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    I’m a mother of three children. It’s been 11 years since I first met Headmaster Fan in 2008. I remember at that time my eldest daughter was previously attending another kindergarten but had to stop due to Education Voucher Scheme issues. So I’d been looking around for kindergarten for my daughter and at last I chose Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-School. Being eight months pregnant, I visited this school and Headmaster Fan welcomed me great care and gave me detailed introduction about this school, telling me there are many outdoor activities, etc.... I was deeply impressed. And now my youngest son is attending K3. I remember when he started school, he was grumbling everyday. I was so worried about him. Headmaster Fan noticed this issue and taught me how to deal with my anxiety of being separated with my youngest son. I really appreciated it.
    In addition, I was also pleased to communicate with teachers in Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-School, who’ve always been very professional and kind-hearted these years. I remember that my youngest son used to have difficulties reading. After being taken good care of and instructed by his teachers, he made great progress suddenly and could stay focused on his homework. He got his confidence back. I really appreciated teachers’ help and instruction. They eased my burden of teaching my children. Beyond that, the class teacher called me regularly to enquire my son’s behaviour at home. My son used to make messes at home and I completely don’t know what to do with it. After I talked it over with the class teacher, Weiwen unexpectedly stopped this bad habit within one month. So I really want to thank every teacher in this school for their kind hearts. Again, I want to express my thanks to Headmaster Fan, teachers and sisters for taking good care of my children.
    Weiwen is to be graduated soon, though he is really reluctant to. Headmaster Fan, teachers and sisters in Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-School, thank you so much for your selfless dedication. We wish you best of health and happy work.
    Parents of Weiwen Chen
  • Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye, two years have seen the sweetness and joyfulness Liyi and Shuyi enjoyed in Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-School. Though there only passed two years, great changes have taken place. At the beginning, they desperately refused to go to school. Now they are eager to see their schoolmates and learn new things. These changes and growth are inseparably related to the attentive teaching of teachers and the right guidance of Headmaster Fan. Now they both have their own friends and schoolmates. The situation that “the elder sister’s good friend is her younger sister and the younger sister’s good friend is her elder sister” no longer exists. They both like sharing their stories that happened in school with us after they arrived home.
    Mummy, I eat very yummy porridge in school today! Mummy, today is the birthday of a little kid, we shared a very delicious cake. Mummy, let’s go and see turtles by bus!...... Every time we think of these moments, our gratefulness would be beyond words. We are lucky that the two sisters have studied in such a harmonious and amicable kindergarten. We especially want to thank Teacher Pan, who has been with them in the last two years from K1 to K2 and treated them with so much kindness, tolerance, understanding and concern. To the two sisters, Teacher Pan is more like a mom than a teacher, who have taken good care of their physical health as well as knowledge extension. So we believe: not only our children, but all other kids at the Homantin Yang Memorial Methodist Pre-School which is full of love and warmth will thrive physically and mentally. Our gratefulness can not be fully expressed in these few words. But we still want to thank Headmaster Fan, teachers and all the faculty and staff for your hard work and silent efforts. Thank you for your love and education. Let's keep moving!
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