Development Features of 4-5 Years Old Child
Cognition Development:

1. starts to cognize time, and can tell things done in the morning, afternoon and evening.

2. starts to cognize place and speed, like front and back, fast and slow, middle, first, last, etc.

3. starts to pay attention to the surroundings and can point out which part is missing in a picture.

4. able to point out which part is unreasonable in a picture.

5. able to tell items and the surroundings through sounds.

6. able to imitate the sound of animals.

7. able to distinguish living things (e.g., cats, dogs, trees) from inanimate objects (e.g., toys, cups and saucers).

8. able to place furniture according to rooms that it belongs to.

9. able to point out the object from a category that it doesn’t belong to.

10. able to point out four items that were seen in a picture.

11. able to follow three orders.

12. able to point out which one was missing from three items that were seen just now.

13. able to count numbers from one to twenty, or turn in the first five objects in sequence under instructions.

14. able to draw a picture of human with head, body, limbs and features.

15. able to play jigsaw puzzle with eight pieces of pictures.

16. able to recognize simple, common signs, such as traffic signs, shop signs.

Language Development:

1. starts to understand the difference between “past” and “present”.

2. roughly able to speak fluently and pronounce clearly.

3. starts to use compound sentences or long sentences to express himself/herself.

4. able to describe daily experience in detail.

5. able to tell graphic stories.

6. able to use words like “because... so”, “some”, “several”, “many” when speaking.

7. able to speak out the names of relatives, and the name of community where he/she lives.

8. able to speak out the color of a specific object, for example: Bananas are yellow.

9. able to describe figures of different careers and their main duties.

10. able to seek for explanations for things he/she doesn’t understand and raise questions frequently.

11. starts to use words like “why”, “when”, “how” to raise questions.

12. able to read simple words.

13. able to use antonyms/antithetical expressions.

14. able to deal with the following riddles like: I have four feet, a tail, I like to eat fish, I can catch mice, what am I?

15. able to point out the exceptional one from a group of words.

Physical Development:

1. able to jump forward, jump backward, jump on one foot, jump during running.

2. able to throw and catch beanbags.

3. able to walk on balance beam

4. able to throw balls

5. able to bend down to pick up things when running

6. able to walk in shallow water or float with the aid other object.

7. able to play with confidence on slides, jungle gyms, swings.

8. starts to make simple clippings.

9. able to cut out simple graphics.

10. able to string beads.

11. able to imitate others to build small tower with six building blocks.

12. able to draw simple pictures such as people, houses, trees, cars, etc.

13. able to fold paper along diagonal lines

14. able to combine several pieces of plasticines

15. able to draw rectangles.

Emotion and Group Consciousness Development:

1. starts to put on/off clothes, wipe his/her nose, clean hands, etc. alone.

2. start to brush teeth and use chopsticks under instructions.

3. able to help clean up dining table.

4. able to use duster to clean stains.

5. able to get up at night to go to the toilet, no longer piss pants.

6. able to be self-disciplined and move within specified limits even without adult supervision.

7. able to play by the rules when playing with other children.

8. able to take care of infant or small animals and give comfort to peers who encountered unpleasant things.

9. has a vague idea of right and wrong, only knows things resulting in punishment are bad and things resulting in praise are good.

10. able to say “excuse me”, “thank you”, “sorry”.

11. able to talk with strangers and respond without flinch.

12. able to answer the phone and help adult with simple things at home.