School Mission
Our school is one of the schools affiliated to the Methodist Church of Hong Kong. We adopt English-Chinese bilingual education mode. Our mission is to provide quality preschool education services, give children access to balanced and all-round development of spirit, morality, intelligence, physique, group and aesthetic. Our school has been striving to practice high-quality preschool education and guide children with the expectation that heir parents have from them.
Education Philosophy
We are a child-centered preschool that respects each individual child, develops their potential through diverse activities and helps them grow healthily and build a foundation for lifelong learning.
Service Object
Child who was born in Hong Kong or has residence permit in Hong Kong
2-6 years old (must be reviewed and accredited by a registered physician prior to admission)
Service time
Monday to Friday: 8: 00 am - 7: 00 pm (service during 6: 00 pm to 7: 00 pm is extended service and extra fees will be charged)
Saturday: 8: 00 am - 6: 00 pm (service during 1: 00 pm to 6: 00 pm is extended service and extra fees will be charged)
We will be out of service on Sunday or public holiday. Please refer to our school calendar for special holidays.
Teachers in our school all have received professional preschool education training, acquired diplomas in early childhood education, have certified teacher qualifications and rich early childhood education experience. Some of the teachers even have preschool education bachelor degree. We also have foreign teachers to teach English and teachers who’ve passed Mandarin Proficiency Test to teach Mandarin. Our school also attaches great importance to professional training for teachers to improve their teaching skills and to learn new teaching methods.
Curriculum Feature
Our school-based curriculum is developed in accordance with our school mission and the Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide issued by the Education Bureau. We’ve established five goals in consideration of children’s development needs, including moral development, cognitive and language development, physical development, emotional and group development and aesthetic development. And these goals are implemented through six learning categories, namely: physical ability and health, Chinese language, preschool mathematics, nature and life, individual and group, and art and creativity. We also focus on cultivating children's interest of spontaneous learning and active learning.
Healthy Diet
Our school advocates a green and healthy diet culture and provides a series of healthy recipes for children to meet their growth needs. The food we offer will be checked regularly by registered dieticians. We have our own kitchen in our school providing children with well-balanced meals everyday, including breakfast, lunch, tea cake, fruit, drinks, etc.
Campus Facilities
  • Kitchen

  • Big Muscle Game Room

  • Children's Restroom

  • Parent Resource Library

  • Classroom A Room

  • Classroom B Room

  • Classroom C Room

  • Classroom D Room

  • School

  • Training Room